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Leslie, what is it you do for a living?

Over the past 6 months, I’ve answered this question in various ways. The reason is I guess people have preconceived ideas of what a person who sells sex toys looks like. I’m certain they envisage a middle-aged guy in a seedy store selling oversized dildos, edible undies, various dolls and XXX porn.

My answer over time has really become an identity of sorts. At first, I was nervous to say what I do out loud. I’d stumble with them in fear of being judged but the more I educated myself about sexual wellness the more confident I became. Nowadays I answer easily, I’m proud of what I do and of what Ophelia’s Bedroom represents.

So, you ask what is it I do for a living?  

I’m in the sex industry, I own an e-commerce business selling a selection of exquisite sex toys with my objective being you reaching that Big O. Ophelia’s Bedroom promotes sexual wellness, sexual health, education and confidence in both sexes. We want you to know the importance of loving, respecting and pleasuring yourself first and foremost.



Ophelia’s Bedroom is different in that it had to be the perfect “bedroom”. Your bedroom. It’s intimate, soft furnishings in just the right places, has solid wood where it counts, a special area created for playdates and of cause a corner for reflecting and educating yourself. 

The Objective 

Our purpose is to assist you in shedding all negative and archaic ideas about your body, sex and sex toys.

Sex education is essential for all ages, it’s taught in schools worldwide for pre-pubescent teens starting out on their sexual journey, somewhere along the way these well-informed sexters end up adults who don’t know how to locate their G-spot or that the clitoris is THE focal point of pleasure for all women.

Black screen of death

The simple truth is sex education is like a computer or smartphone. Throughout its lifespan, it needs constant upgrades with new information and must have a reliable virus protection. If you don’t have these things in place, you’re likely to end up with the black screen of death. I honestly don’t believe people know enough about their own bodies and sex to be body confident and sex-positive. Unfortunately, what you thought you knew becomes outdated, obsolete, just like old computer software.

On the list

Sex education is necessary, it's empowering, liberating and at its core the key to your sexual well-being.

There’s so much to discover about sexual pleasure and having positive body consciousness. A few to many examples that most definitely should be on your list are the clitoris, cunninglingus, masturbation, sex toys, sexuality experimentation, seniors sex, how illness and medication affect your sex drive, menopause, anal sex, pregnancy sex, post-partum sex, long-term couple sex, bisexual-sex, homosexual sex, lesbian sex, role play, kink, I could go on.

If sex, is just sex, you’re doing it wrong and if you don’t masturbate, it’s time to start. Information and education are vital to your sexual wellness and overall health. Time to get your Big O @pheliasbedroom

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